My quarantine engagement has hit 1 year’s ago numbers

As the title says I am seeing almost constantly the number of likes I was seeing one year ago without significant change on my number of followers (over the last period).

To understand, about one year ago I had of course fewer followers because until June follow unfollow kept going but after July engagement and more specifically, the number of likes, dropped by three fourths.

How is it going for you?

Will people engage that much afterwards and stay in the platform?

Has Instagram helped during these times with reach or not ?



I too got pretty good engagement currently. But one thing I am struggling with are hashtags. A few months ago I would consistently hit top ranks on hashtags and get around 60-100k hashtags impressions per post. Now even though my engagement is way better (!!!) I rarely get over 10k impressions on hashtags (on the same set of hashtags also). Does someone else experience this or has an idea?

For me it’s going pretty well, except for two posts which got very low views. But I am also using lately hashtag randomizer (I give as an input my own 100 hashtags) and since then it goes well.

Could you provide a link to the tool? :sweat_smile:

So you’re saying your posts are doing better now than a year ago? For me, the likes on my posts are doing alright, but hashtag reach hasn’t been great this week (but was killer last week).

Could you provide a link to the tool? :sweat_smile:

It’s a simple that does the work, search with google keywords: hashtag randomizer

So you’re saying your posts are doing better now than a year ago? For me, the likes on my posts are doing alright, but hashtag reach hasn’t been great this week (but was killer last week).

Yes, after a deep drop for a long time, it is finally back. I thought I would never go back to the likes of one year ago, they were 4 times down (!!) I wouldn’t say that the reach is significantly different so it has got to do with people being more active on the platform I think. I hope they stay active after the quarantine.


That’s awesome to hear! I notice that posting less hashtags has been key to actually getting hashtag reach recently… like 11 or less. Have you noticed that for your own account?

If you add hashtags to an older post will you get engagement? Or only if you put the hashtags on a new post?

And do you know what are some good hashtags to use?

No, I add 25-30 and it goes ok.

I am not so sure about this. But you can easily check that. Replace the hashtags of a post that didn’t get much hashtags reach with new hashtags and watch if the statistics change.

So your engagement has gone back up? That’s good!

I’ve had a decent amount of engagement since the quarantines started - had my first ‘viral’ post and some better numbers than winter. I probably have a significantly smaller following than you though, so read that with a pinch of salt!

I’ve still had enough low performing posts, where I haven’t taken as much care, to think that IG won’t have helped much or at all!

I think people will hang around after all this. 2 months building a habit of spending more time on social media will be hard to break.

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I don’t think adding hashtags to old posts would do much, but you can always try it and see what happens.

Re: good hashtags. It all depends on your niche, but again, experimentation is key.

I’m still learning, and found these two guides pretty handy and easily digestible. Certainly worth a read.


has your hashtag reach gone back up or have you found a solution? my account isnt very big. but it has dropped from around 1k+ hashtag impressions down to 3!!!

My hashtag reach was very good today, but in general my home reach gives good engagement too

wow lucky! my impressions have fully died!

I’d recommend keeping your account username hidden on here

oh ok, why is that necessary? (sorry im a newbie)

Sending Fake Followers to an Instagram Account

I guess I’m a little paranoid lol

no thats true! thank you for letting me know, my accounts are very small so i dont think anyone would bother to send them to me haha.