Personal TikTok Journey - Breakin' The Ice

Hello reader,

TL;DR = You really should start a TikTok account, it will work if you find relevant content that entices the user to stay until the end of the video and engage with the post whatever the niche.

As I had lurked this forum for the past 2 years and learned so many secrets and growth tactics for Instagram Marketing via MPSocial, how to get clients, even how to talk to clients, I decided to give something back to you.

My first rub-off with TikTok came 1 month ago when I decided to read all interesting posts about TikTok on this forum, and one week ago when I said “F*** it! Let’s roll and adapt on my way”.

I thought about a niche that I was passionate about, there was a market for and I can post on TikTok without being taken down.

I wanted some niche that appeals to the user’s emotions and enticed him to watch the content until the end, as this, in my opinion, is a big factor that influences positively the algorithm.

First Week of TikTok
I thought of a serious brandable name for my account and made a nice logo in Canva. For the logo, I spent about 3 minutes. And my name came instantly in my head.

I started the account and started curating. After that I posted…

So, in my pleasant surprise, the first video made about 3500 views in 1 day and continued it’s uptrend to 13.4K Views one week later.

As for the engagement, 765 likes, and 6 comments.

In the first three days, I started following people that I thought were good for my niche. I followed 282 people in total from the USA. For my niche, the USA is the target, but also other 1st world countries.

The second day came and I posted another video that I thought it will hit the people hard and go uptrend. But in my disappointment, it hadn’t. After 5 days it had 1603 views, 62 likes, and 3 comments.

My third post came also with a little disappointment that turned good. In the first 20 hours, it had shy under 1K views. After 24 hours it came with 1958 views and 68 likes.

My FOURTH post struck GOLD!!! This post made viral, as people would say. This was perfect to entice the user to watch until the end and appeal to its emotion.

NOTE: When you go viral on TikTok, if you are not using a VPN, the app will bring users from your country to watch your videos. This is a big downside for me, as my target audience was the USA.

Moreover, when you post a video on TikTok, in the first 18 hours you will not see a viral growth. It lags the views and it doesn’t show you the real numbers. That is my experience, and it is what I have noticed, IT DOESN’T mean that it’s the real thing. So, please share your experience with this.

Note#2: My video got disabled at 10.2K views. I got really fired up and sent a ticket explaining NICELY, that they made a mistake, that I hadn’t done anything outside the community guidelines(I read them before).
4 hours went by and they apologized and uploaded my video again.

Following that, the video blew up with people from my country, making it go viral.

After 12 hours, the video had 50.3K Views, 5106 Likes, and 41 comments.

WOW, that’s really something. My follower count grew from <100 to 581 followers.

With this, I stopped follow/unfollow. I will solely focus on content, which in my opinion really drives your growth on TikTok.

My fifth post (posted yesterday night) made almost 1000 views, 44 likes, and 1 comment. So, now I need to find relevant and engaging content like my 4th post.

I will continue to post on this forum when I can.
Also, my next action will be to open 2 more TikTok accounts that will target other relevant sub-niches from my current niche and going under an USA VPN.

This post is an editors’ nightmare, I know, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, even if English is not my first language.

If you got any suggestions for me please don’t stray away. I will come back in a few days!



I follow this post with the statistics. The cold-numbers.

These are the analytics for my account.

I will follow with the analytics for my single viral post (I have a PRO TikTok account)…


Nice journey, TikTok has very few of them, however it’s gaining speed. Good luck with it !


Thanks, appreciate your reply. I will double down and focus on TikTok with all my powers. Will surely try to gain over 100K followers on every account and then start monetizing.

Do you got any tips or advice while monetizing TikTok?

Not really, I have no experience with Tik Tok other than the random funny video, will follow your journey to see how it goes though.


Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Man, nice journey! I’m pretty much doing the same, got 4k followers in 1 week and I range 40k to 200k views on my last 8-9 vids. However today I posted a video that I knew for sure was going to go viral, it got 500 views in 1 hour after that, it got 70k views, around 5k likes, 1k comments, I even got something like 20-30 duets and 30-40 new followers on IG, all in the next hour, man… it was a crazy hour! than it freezes, at exactly the second hour mark it completely froze. seems like that’s what happened to one of your videos, what are the steps you took to send a ticket and get a reply if I may ask. this is so frustrating to me… I know for sure i didn’t break any terms or guidelines.


What exactly was the video? I’m curious

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one of those videos where you have to stop a thing in the right place pretty much, personalized with my “own” style kind of video, but that was the concept


Innocent enough. It’s just the algorithm. It may be done or may take off again anytime in the next 14 days or so. Keep posting as you normally would!


Ok fair enough, it’s just weird and random, why put it in front of those many people and than suddenly stop.


That’s how software is sometimes man :sweat_smile: :joy:

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So, to understand, your post froze like your views didn’t grow? Or your post got disabled.

If your post got disabled I can help you easily.

Sounds like it just plateaued

No it didn’t get disabled, it stopped going, it’s just that every other video I had never did something like that…

Maybe as @oolongo says, it will pick up in a few days. Let it like that and post your usual content.

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Yup, I had high hopes with it, let’s just see if it picks up again, I was wining because I finally thought I was getting my 1st mil video but whatever… thanks for the help guys @angelescumirceatoma @oolongo

Btw does anyone have the contact (e-mail or whatever) of customlogovideos? I saw he was banned but I had a couple of things to ask him


I don’t have his details. No problem mate! Cheers.


private message me


Great journey, some really helpful content. Im going to keep following your progress