🚑 Recap - Don't give up your banned Instagram accounts! We can save them!

bought subscri[tion added 20 accounts, it says success rate is 17% so i’m expecting to have at least 2 accs unbanned sooner or later, will write back

also wouldn’t it be better is we were also be able to let you guys know why the account was banned? so we don’t waste time on recovering accounts that have less or 0% chance of unbanning? like you claim to have 17% recovery overall but if you could narrow it down the the ban type the % could be much higher

This is sadly not how these percentages work - not how they are calculated at the moment.
Our computed success rate is for all accounts appealed vs. all accounts identified as unbanned over the lifetime of the service. That number is easily skewed (adding 1000 account for one day and removing them counts as not unbanned :sweat_smile: )

As other users here figured out for their accounts: if you add 100 accounts, that doesn’t mean 17 will be unbanned in XY days. You might not get a single unban. Some might need a few days longer than you were willing to give them, or they might need three months more.

While, in theory, this sounds good, we would also need to collect the days spent appealing for that account (unbanned or not), account history (was it banned before, how often, copyright strike, other verifications), account type (Main/Slave/Spam/Scraper), Niche (Porn/Babe, Weed, MLM, Fanpage, Business, Private) so the number would make more sense.

In practice, this will bring us back to the first point: How these numbers work: They rarely reflect something a given account will go through, especially with missing or incorrect information from its background.

We (or at least I) don’t feel comfortable with smacking customers a survey-style form in the face for each account they add - sometimes a single customer adds 3000+ in one go, which immediately means 3000 ‘Unknown’ type of accounts, which unbans we can’t use for a details statistic, and an upset customer because he had to skip the survey form 30 times (Mass-Import only take 100 accounts at a time)

The current focus is an affiliate/referral program and a rework of the website simultaneously, so this won’t be a very high priority for now. But we will let customers vote on it to see if there is any genuine interest in these statistics.

any update on the one with copywrite?

thanks for the explanation

Hello everyone! My Instagram account has been disabled on Jan 1st, 2021 for “violating the content policy”. I already sent hundreds of appeals and half dozen of pics of myself with the code, and still NOTHING. That’s my I decided to give myself and this whole situation a try and see if this website recab.services can help me get my account back.

What I personally found a little odd is that after subscribing the option of chatting live with someone is no longer available. I can only send a message to the team :thinking:

Also, I subscribed yesterday and automatically popped out a number 1 under the number of appeals sent. Technically today is my day 2 after subscribing and I can still see that only 1 appeal was sent.

Any clarification on that? Also, should I just sit and wait for the “unban” notification?


Live Chat availability heavily on Agent availability. While we try to maximize the online time, Agent costs money if they’re online or they might have been assigned other tasks in the meantime :smiley:
If the Live Chat is unavabile, simply leave a message with your question (If you just leave a “Hi”, there is not much to get back to)

Please see post #220
The appeal counter is also from times where we sent Appeals automatically (up to May 2020) and thus is now redundant as Days running = Appeals sent for the time being (until we change the frequency)
Also, your perception of a ‘day’ might be different from how it is displayed in the Dashboard. IIRC days tick over on midnight (UTC most likely :thinking:), while Appeals are sent within a 24hr windows starting when the account was added. So there might be a window where it reads “2 Days running” and only “1 Appeal sent”

A rework of the backend is planned which should remove some/all of these elements :slight_smile:

Yes, that is exactly how the service works. There is nothing for you to interact with, besides adding your accounts.

My review after 1week of usage :-

The website is pretty easy to use, nothing complicated, everything is easily understandable 10/10 for the user experience

I added around 10 accounts the first day, after 24 hours already one account was unbanned, got super excited added 10 more, and the next day 2 more accounts were unbanned, and on the 3rd day i added like 20 more and then removed some because of some error, and after the 3rd day i haven’t recovered any accounts so far, i’m running like 36 accounts now costing about $1 / day (on top of the $18 monthly) i’m guessing it’s just a numbers game and a lot of luck, but 3 accounts unbanned so far is a great sign

will update with my stats at the end of my subscription :slight_smile:

Awesome! I have 2 accounts and nothing so far :sob:

can you work on this

So far there is not much data on this. The fact is: So far all these pages (we encountered 3 or 4) could still be appealed (no short-link error), so they are still listed as ‘disabled’ internally. IG also doesn’t seem too sure, as you usually get an ‘Account disabled’ or the message you posted, depending on where you log in (App/Browser)

So: Yes, we can appeal those accounts - Will it help? Unsure.

What’s the difference between “disabled accounts” and “deleted accounts”?

A deleted account has been removed for good, while a disabled account is simply inactive and could be reactivated.

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This is what I see when I try to log in… But my account got disabled on Jan 1, 2021… What are my chances of getting my account back? This is my day #6 using your services (7 appeals so far) and still nothing :sob:

7 days is nothing - give it 2/3 weeks.
Our longest-running account (without interruptions) was unbanned after 160 days :slight_smile:



Don’t forget to contact support to receive the bonus :baby_chick:


Recap contacted.

'Still keeping hope alive👌