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Amazing guide, thank you!
Now everybody screenshot this before it goes to level 2!!

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Can this run with RP 4? Also, what is the difference between the two dongles - e3531 and e3372, except for the price? Will the performance be the same if I go with the e3531 version?

Thabks for the guide btw, will try it out

as i said yes it works with rpi 4
there not so much of a difference expect the interface of the dongle i love the e3531 to be honest
but u can use both

Hey boss! How many accounts can you run per proxy with this method? Say I have a hundred IG accounts on 4g proxies currently, if I did this method and made my own would I have enough to put say 10 on per mobile proxy?

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I never would recommand put more than 5 for proxy because of the opretions time for each account but basiclly? U can do it yesh

thanks for the share! testing it out this weekend :slight_smile:


I am using Orico 7 ports hub with 2A adapter. How many dongles you can use with it?
For me only 3 dongles are working stablely on the hub. If I use more than 3, they are not working good.

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Which rpi which powe supply ? Its depands on alot of things
Which dongles where u doing the setup is there good signal in the room

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Appreciate the response, how many sim cards would I need and how many proxies can I make with this setup?

1 sim for 1 dongle =1 proxy
With that setup u can make up to 7

I have RPI zero w, 3b, 3b+
Power supply for orico hub is adapter 2A
I am using E3372h and the signal is good
Can you recommend your setup to get maximum number of dongles connecting to a RPI?


don’t use RPI… just a regular PC with linux you will end up with 128 working.

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I used rpi 3b+ in past but its unstable because low ram
I managed to put 2 proxies on it without it to crash

I dont like the system of regular pc
To be honest but it is possible