Using Jarvee to grow LinkedIn accounts


Has anyone had any success using Jarvee to grow their LinkedIn accounts? Either personal or for clients.

I’m aware that there are limits and that purchasing a premium membership is necessary.

Let’s get some chatter going in regards to settings, strategies, sources, etc…


Yeah, I tried, but it is kind of hard to automate big numbers. It is not yet working for me.


I’ve tried for linkedin and it’s too hard too scale up in my opinion.
Maybe any success story from MP social member?


What are some of the tools you’ve been using? Maybe we can dive deeper into this as a team and figure out what might and might not work


How have you been using it? Do you mind sharing some settings and strategies?


Using connector, message and profile visits tool but just max everything at 60, I would not try to do more each day.


If you decide to use it then start very carefully and slowly


60 each day because of the limits?

were you using this for a premium account or just the free version?


can you touch on slow? have you had any experience with this before


For 10 days now i have an account in linkedin that growed in around 100 connections, with only see profiles, follow and like, all with the config of 50 likes/follows/views per day for each one. I’m using premium too, and really thinking of selling this to enterprenuers that asked for me this automation like 6 months ago. For companies i think that using the premium feature + automation can be really worth and we can do a lot of money that way.


have you tested anything higher than these since scaling?

Would you be interested in sharing your settings?


For real i think the max i will do is 100 likes/follows/views a day, cause the secret that i’ve learned from automation with instagram, don’t sell to your client the numbers, sell them the automation, this is the key. here in brazil i don’t know a single site or person that do this linkedin automation, so i will charge it high and give lets say 300 followers by month, without me they will never reach this so, that’s what i’m gonna sell.

And sure i can tell you the setting haha, for real i used the same that is in MP, the difference that i have set to 50 actions by day at max and that’s it.

Slowly and steady we can grow really great =)


I agree, I’ve learned that it is all about the quality of interactions and no longer the quantity!

I don’t use MP so if you could provide screenshots that would be very beneficial for me and anyone else that find this thread :slight_smile:


Have you ran into any temp blocks/bans at all?


Sure man, look at it right above, it’s really simple. And until now i never get banned put it is only 10 days. Besides of thet the result for me is wonderful, almost 100 followers in 10 days.

first one is follow

second one are likes
this third one is profile view


Oh i’m sorry i forgot to tell that i use the global night mode too, to 02:00 AM to 07:00 AM all the accounts rests.


forgive me but could you edit your post and translate the tabs :joy:


hahahaha sorry :joy::joy:


are you using the connector tab or follow tab? Do you know the difference between?

Can’t find much on this throughout the web


I use the both, cause i think that’s some people that are not famous we need to connect, but the famous ones we can follow too, and as i understood (i can be wrong here) when we get a connect we can send a message, when we are only following we can’t.