Using Jarvee to grow LinkedIn accounts


Thanks for all the info you dropped so far, I found it interesting and have also been pondering offering a LinkedIn growth service in my country. Definitely no one doing it at the moment, and LinkedIn seems a lot more clear about their limits and provides some good value for their paid plans.

I was just messing with the likes a bit earlier, and was looking at the possibilities for like sources. I see you can put in your own feed, which is OK I suppose. You can also put in the recent activity feed of someone else, but I was wondering if that person then sees you always visiting their feed all the time, which may be awkward. Or maybe they cant see that, I’m a bit confused on what exactly people see of your automated activity, what tracks you leave.

I was also thinking about trying to use groups and pages as likes sources, not sure if that works, there isn’t a ton of information about this out there. What kind of sources have you been using for the likes?

For the Follow and Connector tab I see that the sources are basically Keyword Search with some options to narrow it down. Do you have any tips on how to get a good FB ratio when running those tools? For testing I am just gonna try ‘Marketing’ and as Location my City, to see how that goes, as I have an marketing profile, obviously lol

I understand that its possible to run DM lead generation campaigns in LinkedIn, but for starters I’d just like to get the grips on the tools and options in MP, grow my account, and if its all good I will look into what value added services I can provide on the platform.

I know some people on this forum are really rocking it with LinkedIn, hope to join them soon :man_student:



Thank you so much for your patience and sharing all these great wealth of knowledge. Will definitely try them out and share progress along the way.

To the OP Caleb, not to be rude but take it easy a bit. I don’t think people would appreciate your barrage of questions asking for value without you returning one, / asking to be spoon fed.

Have a great weekend


Yep, I used to automate Linkedin accounts with jarvee because you can send messages based on triggers. That has an amazing potential in order to create your own sales funnels (as well as Instagram haha).

Just give it a chance, if you are automating IG accounts, you can reuse the proxies :wink:


No ones asking to be spoon fed here. Clearly the conversation above was on the better side if things.

Without me this thread would’ve never been started not to mention I don’t see you bringing any value to this thread yourself. Seems like you came and leeched off this just as much as anyone else.

Nonetheless this thread was intended for anyone to help each other. If I had value to bring to linked in marketing I would’ve posted the thread and info myself.

Find something else to bitch about :slightly_smiling_face: have a dope weekend


The only thing that i do likes for now is the feed, the interesting situation about this is that when i get more connections, i get a feed with more posts and more people, so i see that if i keep making the connection the likes automaticaly will grow in my feed, as long as my connections posts there.

An interesting thing is that in premium you can see people with premium too and the normal ones, without premium u cant, i really dont know how it works without premium because i only tested with it by now.

Groups i really don’t know how to works well, but i already see that some people had problems of block entering in then, they are really specific and normally people read often and see much more all the people that is inside, so maybe it’s a good deal with little low configs.

For follow and Connector i’m using tecnology and innovation to follow, and my profile job is administrator and cuisine chef, so i keep gaining a good amount of people even been only a chef there haha. What is good to do i think by my experience is put the keyword that you see is good for u and your city, if is a small city maybe it’s better to put another bigger one.

DM is a good too, but i think it need to be a pro DM you know? If not, it will look to robot and in linkedin you can’t look like this even a bit in my opinion.

So for me low and smoothly is the key :smile:


Thank you @Nieco ! When we help each other, it’s good for everybody to make a better work in the future. And don’t worry Caleb was only excited about the knowledge and yhis is great. Keep talking guys and let’s break our heads to do better services :blush:


Great info here as well.

Deciphering the difference pros and cons in terms of using a keyword vs. “Industry” is tough in my opinion. Since there are so many general terms used for both it’s really only worth testing one at a time to determine results!


I have been automating Instagrams for the past year, and 4G proxies have definitely been the way to go with the way their algorithms are initiating blocks on accounts.

Is anyone still using residential or datacenter based proxies for their LinkedIn accounts?


So i’m with this doubt too, what kind of proxies people uses for linkedin? Cause asked for henry’s proxies and they don’t work with proxies for linkedin. And to be safier i prefer to use 4g proxies, but i don’t know who has it for linkedin, if someone know please tell us.


Wait so his WON’T work with LinkedIn? Because they are 4g? That doesn’t make sense :confused: I was looking forward to using his services


I don’t know man i think using linkedin in his proxies it’s not that profit, if you find anyone that do it please call me here.


You can use regular data center proxies for linkedin


@DanielAdmin Hey daniel would love to have a way to be able to check DMs of LinkedIn accounts without having to go into the EB. Any chance of getting this option made available?


No, unfortunately LinkedIn is not like Instagram.


It’s not that they don’t work because they are 4G. It’s that they use a firewall or something that allows traffic only to and from Instagram.


Cant seem to find out how to include location in sources for LinkedIn. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Go to the follow tool sources tab and you’ll see it.
Not all LI tools have it.


I made this thread about my journey with LI with MP.

Good luck!


There’s a thread in here with UK proxies. Those are what I use for all my LinkedIn Accounts.


Oh man! I think we have to be level 2 to see that haha :frowning: