Using Jarvee to grow LinkedIn accounts

hey, it is possible to use the tool for automate business profiles, or only basic profiles ?

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It’s for automating personal profiles. However, there are ways to pull data and put it into the tool so you can use it for paid profiles likes Sales Navigator

How do you find your clients actually?

For now i’m only meeting people in reunion and making partnership with agencies, but in the future i wanna a site that i can use for it. Sorry for the late reply


Thank you @BJTHype!! If i have questions, i will DM

So when you say 50k on your own profile, what do you mean?

Just started using a lot of these tactics on my own profile. Very helpful. Thanks for the breakdown!! :pray:t2:

I seem to have hit a wall with follows. Lots of sources but zero follows for the last 3-4 days.

Hi. Guys. I had some success with 100+ accounts on linkedin a couple month ago , but now my accs started to receive permanent ban.
Could someone share his current connector tool settings for jarvee?

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Hey I use it for my clients.

It’s pretty easy,
I also talk about it in my profile…

linkedin lidor-katz/

Ayyyy it’s Caleb

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