Using Jarvee to grow LinkedIn accounts

Here is the post:

Hey guys, I recently made a post about successes I’ve had with other platforms besides IG.

And I talked on a different thread about the success I’ve had with my own LinkedIn account. So, I really wanted to break down how I’m able to have such success with my own LinkedIn and with client LinkedIn accounts using jarvee.

My favorite thing about LinkedIn, is that as long as you pay for Sales Navigator each month, they don’t give you any shit about automation. They just want you to pay them to be able to do a lot of actions.

All of my clients have businesses offering services/clients to other businesses:

My process for any new client is extremely thorough:

Step 1: I get on a call OR have them fill out a form to tell me about their business. We work on figuring out their exact ideal client. Information that ranges from how many people work at the company, what types of companies, company revenue, etc.

Step 2: I do a crap ton of research. I search the internet for these fields and find buzz words, key words, etc. I search through my clients profile, and the profiles of the types of people they want to connect with and learn even more.

Step 3: (Depending on how much client is paying me), I will either optimize their profile for them or give them suggestions on how to improve their profile.
I optimize things like their profile picture, banner, skills, resume, certifications, titles, etc etc.

Step 4: I add their account to jarvee: I do profile viewer by very specific search that I’ve spent a lot of time working on and then send the viewed profiles to connection tab. I customize all connection requests and make sure connection requests don’t say anything besides generally “Looking forward to connecting on LinkedIn”.

Step 5 and up. Again, depending on client budget. I will set up messages to go to new contacts. Or do things that continue to keep our account connected with the clients like endorsements, Happy Birthday Messages, etc.

Step 6: It’s all about the content from here. Content is key on LinkedIn, because that first message may not close the deal. But if they see content that is above and beyond what else they see on LinkedIn: client results, testimonials, funny client stories, etc. They can be continuously reminded about the client, and a lot will message much later about services and things like that.

Step 7: Depending on client budget once more, I will use a VA to follow up on that first message depending on the message type. Whether positive, negative, or no response. My goal is to get the conversation to schedule a call, interview, etc and get the person I’m connected with to talk to the person whose account I am managing. From there, it’s up the client to close.

Step 8: Client budget depending, I will scrape emails of connected people. And depending on how they responded to our first message, I may shoot them an email. Or, I may group them together and run some Facebook ads with those emails as a target audience. (Imagine the HOLY CRAP moment that people connect with you on LinkedIn, get a message from you, and then see a Facebook ad like “Happy to be featured in X magazine or ranked as 1 of ____ blah blah blah”. Talk about CONVERSIONS.

I’ve made over $50k on my own profile (without the more complicated parts), and made clients plenty more using this method.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will respond as I can! (Currently dealing with all of Instagram’s bull crap)


hey, it is possible to use the tool for automate business profiles, or only basic profiles ?

It’s for automating personal profiles. However, there are ways to pull data and put it into the tool so you can use it for paid profiles likes Sales Navigator

How do you find your clients actually?

For now i’m only meeting people in reunion and making partnership with agencies, but in the future i wanna a site that i can use for it. Sorry for the late reply


Thank you @BJTHype!! If i have questions, i will DM

So when you say 50k on your own profile, what do you mean?

Just started using a lot of these tactics on my own profile. Very helpful. Thanks for the breakdown!! :pray:t2:

I seem to have hit a wall with follows. Lots of sources but zero follows for the last 3-4 days.

Hi. Guys. I had some success with 100+ accounts on linkedin a couple month ago , but now my accs started to receive permanent ban.
Could someone share his current connector tool settings for jarvee?