Working Proxy after Block Wave (MEGA THREAD)

After the block wave, there’s a lot of confusion regarding proxies.
Some people say that nothing is changed while others had to completely change their strategy.
Some people can’t live without 4g proxies while others use datacenter’s one without an issue.

There’s not a proper thread in which discuss proxies, every discussion regarding that topic happened under different threads and it’s difficult to keep track of them.
So, why don’t we discuss our experience regarding proxies here?
What’s your experience and which proxy do you recommend.

Let’s get started! I will begin.

My situation didn’t change. I keep on using my handmade raspberry pi proxies connected to private houses internet. they work well but I’d like to switch to a good cheap proxy service since my method is not scalable to much.


I’m using Henrys mobile proxies and in the last week have gotten a hand full of 24 hour blocks, PVs, and today compromised pop ups.


@joshdeor , thanks for you share, what do you mean by compromised pop ups?

Proxy n vpn dead
Iplease dead
Squidproxy? Dead
Newipnow dead

and what are you using then?

The one i just told you :slight_smile:

Do you also experience blocks?

Here is what I can share

The key is all DC bro, more profit, nothing but stability and gains.


Would you mind sharing the DC provider?

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for over 2 years, always great

Damn I thought high proxies were toast. You must have a special batch.


Are you running client or non-client accounts?

I used high proxies, went to buy personal, then air proxy, now I’m on HC. But now I’m thinking of switching because I feel like location is a part of this whole problem now. And I would much rather pay extra and have something close to my main city.


which one you buy? private, shared, social media or classified ad proxies ? if you don’t mind sharing

so no one because all proxies you mentions you said are dead. cool bro


social media proxies

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I’ve noticed the location of the proxy definitely matters, if you request it, HP replaces any proxy you want for free to the location your client is in, this has cleared up a ton of issues. Instant log ins with no email verfications. At the end of the day, I’m cheap but I still care about the success of my network alot… but blindly accepting the notion that the new standard is mobile proxies without riding out the blocks a little and commiting to intelligent testing just because everyone else is doing it I feel is kind of forward.

I’ve been doing this for nearly two years, what i’ve found is unless you literally work at IG it’s just educated speculation.


how many accounts per proxy do you use?

@sairos 2 max

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