Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked sososos


Anyone else got this??

Instagram has randomly locked me out of my main account, I never used an ‘unauthorised’ platform, only the app, which makes me think it’s spam?

Sadly i did not set up the two-factor authentication and no longer have access to the old email it’s asking me to verify through… I’ve tried the account recovery form more than 5 times, with as much information as i could find and Microsoft Office would not accept it.

Anyone got advice?

Try to request a password reset link using another IP, then click ‘secure your account’ . Check out this post for more details:

If that doesn’t solve the issue, submit the IG support request form:

check this topic you will find some interesting ways to solve the issue:

I tried this, didn’t work :frowning:

Have you tried submitting the support request form? Which email provider are you using? perhaps there’s a way to regain access to your email.