4g proxy help... How do you do it?

Right guys i have bought a “Huawei Unlocked E3372- LTE/4G 150 Mbps USB Dongle” + a VOXI Sim with unlimited social media data.

I have plugged it in and works etc, I already have 4 accounts using my computer ip address so want to keep these on this, i have tried 4g proxies before & now want to use my own. I need to know how to use the new 4g dongle as a proxy, basically how to do it as i do not have a clue :confounded:

To get “IP:PORT, Username + Password” to use in automation software.

Ive downloaded CCProxy but literally dont know what i am doing.

Really appreciate the help guys.




Spin the bottle. @MojoJojo


Cheers! Thanks so much

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I really admire your drive, you bought the devices even the data plan without knowing how to use them, I really need your kind of attitude!! I lose so much time researching that at the end nothing gets done.

Good luck and we are all here to give you a hand!


Just jump in and I have to find a solution :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have you tried google? So many solutions!

There are at least several solutions depending on the operating system. You can do it on raspberry pi, you can do it on linux, you can do it on windows. If you have one modem, you can probably plug it in and switch to the internet from the modem.


I’m sure he tried, how do you think that he found us?? :slight_smile:

Try to google 4G proxy and you will see :slight_smile:


That’s the way to go man. Couple months back before all the updates, I have already been researching IG automation for a while to start my mass account project and after tons of research and not going anywhere I just took the plunge. Without any kind of It knowledge I managed to setup my own proxies which were dirt cheap in comparison. It only took the first initial step of action to get the ball rolling. They were working great until the updates killed the IP range :laughing:

But I’m planning on doing the same with mobile proxies this time around. I’m sure @Sociablemark will find a solution if he keeps at it seeing as he already invested everything into setting it up :v:t2: Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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hey, i know this is an old post but could you post exactly how you worked this out or just some links? trying to do the same but i have a feeling its going to take a long time to get where you are with it right now, thanks in advance

Hi @bike_posts i ended up getting help off @Drav

He sorted me right out and continues to!

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ok great thanks

Try to google 4G proxy

hey he never replied, could you tell me how you did it? thanks so much if you can

@bike_posts had no message :+1:

i replied on your latest post, sorry for any confusion, just looking for a way to run my own 4g proxy, i have a raspberry pi and plan on buying a sim and sim card holder, id appreciate any info on how to reliably set that up, thanks

So what we are doing is plugging multiple Huwaei dongles into windows 10 machine running JV, then using ccproxy to turn all into proxies that are then used with JV.

So you have the Windows PC with JV running and 10 or so dongles connected to that PC.

Ok so i run them directly from my jarvee system? i have a separate computer that just runs jarvee for me, do i just install ccproxy and begin running from there?

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