Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

Do you have to keep 2FA on the account or can you enable it once then disable it later and the new number gets used on the Help Us Confirm screens properly?

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You need to keep it enabled, I turn on Google authenticator as well (for easier access) for accounts that I care about.

Are you using Opera VPN? If so, try to reset your password with different IP or use a proxy.

Yep but I still do not receive the “Password Reset confirmation” email, so basically I don’t have the “Secure your account” link :frowning:

fml, after 2 weeks without the loop, one of the accounts got into it today… still have a few that I can’t get out of it…

how you get into on that account?

I believe there is no way of retrieving the account by using Facebook or phone verification alone.

I recovered some accounts months ago but this is not working now! Any update on this?

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Same one of my accounts is still stuck. I believe Instagram can’t detect a verification method even though there is one for some of the accounts. Most of my account gets the verification selection.

It’s not working anymore. You should try contacting IG to get your account back.
Check out these threads [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account” [SOLUTION] How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In they might help.

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Hi, I am looking for solution for this? What to do, should we report hacked account, account is not deleted but we cant access anymore and cant request new password.

The JSON response from the IG server for the following request during logon … states CHECKPOINT_REQUIRED… it also has a flag set to false. Successful logon doesnt have this checkpoint. So as some others indicated IG should review the algorithm which is imposing this check and is preventing many valid users to access their account. What’s rather baffling is the lack of response of IG/FB support. I tried to contact them via many different means for past two months… I think I got more chance of getting Donald Trump on the line…

Did you use the same alias?

Via own account there is no means to reach them, so I tried via working account explaining the loop problem. Tried via IG and FB support teams. Never got a response.

got this problem too any solution?

Ahahah, it happens) This is instragram

oday I woke up all pissed off about this situation and decided to spam Instagram’s support system by creating as many ticket as possible about this situation. I am talking about the form that keeps popping up when you try to click on “Need more help?” link below… After submiting every ticket, they send you an automatic email and ask you a few more questions. I kept replying the same answer after one point I got a different email from the Facebook and they said any I quote

"Thanks for your response. The email address you provided is already listed on another Instagram account. In order to update the information on your account, we need you to provide a secure email address that isn’t listed on any other Instagram account. Once we get this, we can reset your password to the new email address that you have access to. "

The email address was only registered the account that I lost. I told them that their system doesn’t allow using an email for more than one account and to be on the safe side gave them an unregistered email address. After that I received an email from Facebook via the unregistered email that I gave them which said “Your email address is changed for the @*** account”. For a second I though they really solved it. But when I login the account with the new email address and password, I got the same error message.

I also tried to reset my password via SMS links but that didn’t work as well. They are saying that this issue is about not be able to verifying your account. I have the access of my email and phone. They are simply not allowing you. Even when you used A LİNK THAT HAS SENT YOUR PHONE AND RESET YOUR PASSWORD they are still showing you the error that says “Help us confirm you own the account”… HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT WHEN YOU ARE INSISTING ON THAT I DON’T HAVE ACCESS ON MY EMAIL OR PHONE ?! WHİCH I HAVE!

I am going to lose my mind. And this is a billion dollar worth company.

Had my account back for 6 months and I’ve lost it again to the same thing :frowning:

had this issue too - causes a blank screen to appear -is there a solution?