Public Marketplace Category Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the MP Social Public Marketplace. You can list here everything related to:

  • selling a product
  • selling a service
  • 1 on 1 training

You can’t list:

  • Social media automation tools/service (except exclusive deals made with MPSocial)
  • No manual follow/unfollow services allowed as we can’t verify if it’s manual and if it maintains the quality in time.
  • Account growth services (Exception: M/S growth automated with tools allowed here. In this case we need to verify you are using allowed tools with minimum 70 accouns plan)
  • No WTB (want-to-buy) types of threads allowed in this category
  • Anything adult or gambling related
  • Anything illegal (cracked software, courses without reseller rights and similar)

Aside from listed services/products mods reserve the right to decline your sales thread without any further explanation.

Rules to be able to post a sales topic in this category:

  1. In order to be able to post a new thread, your account needs to be 30 days old, be at least Level 1 and have a minimum of 50 posts. This is to ensure that the marketplace doesn’t get spammed by outsiders that don’t really want to offer any value here.
  2. If the above apply and you want to create a sales thread, you need to contact @Adnan with what you want to sell and provide him with a review copy/ something to verify what you are selling. This is so we make sure the community only gets good products, accounts, services.
  3. Once you receive the go-ahead from @Adnan after he verified your product/service you’ll need to make a payment of $30 for the marketplace topic to be approved. There will also be a fee of $10/ month (starting as soon as your thread is approved), this will ensure that only people that want to remain active and keep their marketplace topic going will be accepted and there will be less inactive topics and people giving up or not replying after some time.
  4. If you’ve done points 1,2 and 3, you are allowed to post your sales topic, make sure to read below what it needs to contain.
  5. Good luck with your sales, we have a very good community that is active and looking for good services, provide that and I am sure you’ll succeed!

Posting a sales topic on MP Social is a privilege and not a right so per above rules you will need to be a good member of the community and provide a good service/product. We reserve the right to not accept certain products/services if we deem them not fit for the community. Good luck!

What your sales topic needs to contain:

  • information about your experience, why should people get this from you
  • as much information about the products/service itself as you can give
  • pricing information
  • contact information
  • refund policy
  • at least once nice image somewhere within the topic about the product/service ( for social sharing sharing purposes). If image is bigger than 200kb it should be hosted on, when adding it to the topic add it as a link.
  • your sales thread cannot be a single image that contains all the information, at least 50% needs to be in plain text, you can use images in between the text though.

Extra rules:

Due to the fact that each service/product is unique in some way, certain extra rules will apply to some of them, I will list them all below:

  • If you are selling accounts, all accounts should come with their original email. If they don’t you need to state this clearly in your sales topic.
  • We do not allow one time deals, you can only start a sales topic in the MP marketplace if you have enough supply.
  • Sellers are obligated to reply in their threads at least once in 48 hours. If there’s an issue between buyer and seller, seller should reply in 24 hours and try to solve it.

For the buyers:

  • we have no affiliation with the sellers here, we do our best to check their services/products first and only accept the ones that pass, however many things can happen. Your transaction is only between you and the seller, we take no responsibility whatsoever.

For the MP Social community:

We’ve just opened the Public Marketplace and as such it’s still a work in progress, the above rules may change and will be upgraded them if certain issues come up.


Regular forum rules still apply, so if you missed those check them out here : Updated MPSocial Forum Guidelines and Rules [2020]


In case you want to add something related to new #public-marketplace, please do it here: