How to grow IG accounts - APRIL 2020

Morning, everyone! I’m doing this topic for the contest but mostly to help people who have difficulty with the blocks and those who are not able to reach the daily limits. It’s time to grow your community and especially your customers… everyone is on Instagram and with this method that works for me since 2 months you will also be successful.

Every day I’m so happy with the results that it feels like this is unreal. With some accounts I’ve almost reached the 5500 follow and sorry in advance my main language is French but I’ll do my best.

98% of my clients are doing great with no problem reaching the limits! I’m going to leave you screen shots of my account settings, I use EB for all main accounts (clients) and Scrapper accounts for the main accounts


-Residential Proxies (hard to believe, but yes and even 2-3 accounts per proxy)

**-I’ve been trying the option ENABLE CONTEXTUAL ACTIONS and it’s VERY MAGIC ! For more information : How to use Contextual Actions function - Jarvee Tutorial


Yes They are a little bit agressif but they work 90% of the time!

Day1 : 17-20 1-2 (99 follows daily) If able to reach limit => 2

Day 2 ; 15-20 more follows (so around 115-120 follows daily)

Day 3 : 20-25 more follows (135-140 follows daily)

day 4 : 25-30 more follows (160-170 follows daily)

day 5 : 30-35 more follows (190-205 follows daily)

day 6 : 35-40 more follows (225-245 follows daily)

When you have temporary blocks

1-Session block - temporary block - re-login and make a few actions

2-Still TB ( temporary block) log out and rest the account 24 hours

3-Still TB give it another 24 hours and change proxy

4-Still TB give it 48 hours and reset device IDS (for me it works and I didn’t get any AC since 1 month)

5-Still TB give it 72 hours and only do action when your client is sleeping because they are sometimes pain in the a** and make a lot of action event when I told them to make less actions.

Another tip : Go to the EB in the account in the settings - login activity and make sure to remove all unnecessary login activity and click on yes was me before you started!

For all the follow settings, unfollow settings and social profiles advanced settings I’m not sure if I can put them on because if I do I’m afraid that my topic will be removed and put for higher levels only.

If you have some questions you can reply here or DM me I will try to respond you quickly ! :slight_smile:



Really nice share, IG is well sought by everyone these days so the settings should definitely help.


Awesome will test!! Thank u!!

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Does the liking tool work alright for JV right now? I know there were problems earlier, but it may have been resolved?

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yes ! i’m using it but realyyyy slow ! 10-20 per day

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Thank you for sharing, very helpful information :pray:

Thanks for the info. I really wish I could push it to 400 daily

New guy here…what exactly is EB?

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Same :joy: had to go searching and I think it’s the embedded browser on Jarvee


This might help


Yes, that looks like a healthy setup. Good luck!

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It’s the embedded browser within Jarvee, you can open it like this

thanks! with the action blocks, if ive already been blocked for a week will i be blacklisted? or does it reset after every block?

Thank you, will try these settings.

this is really a good tip! thank you… and good luck!

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Thank for the great post!

Would you mind explaining a little bit more this, I am not sure I get it:
Day1 : 17-20 1-2 (99 follows daily) If able to reach limit => 2


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@Sebastien_Hamel - I can’t seem to figure on this forum how to send you a message besides replying here. Would love to know further your settings, just got Jarvee and STRUGGLING to get this thing to work.

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@tayharris i think this topic will help you:
:robot: The party will never end! Jarvee for IG settings April 2020

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For now I recommend starting at 15-20 follow per day increasing by 20 untill you reach 200-250 max

  1. How do you work with the Like/Follow/Unfollow all together? is it simultaniclly or each feature works alone for some time?

  2. If you have multiple accounts per 1 residential proxy - Do you set the action time to be between X and Y hours and not 24/7?

  3. Do you use Night mode?