[POW'S MEGA LIST] Increase engagement rate + my tips 📈


Hey, guys! With another guide today :slight_smile: I will be covering the things that I think we both can increase our accounts’ engagement rate, boost the reach, and improve accounts’ quality.



You should start engaging with your current audience more. Simply, just use 20-40% of your daily actions on improving your engagement rate from your followers by engaging with their content (liking their random posts, commenting their posts, watching their stories and leaving a message there, etc…), whilst 60-80% of your daily actions could be spent on growing your following list (following more people). By doing this, you will be growing your account and increasing the engagement rate of your account at the same time, increasing your reach too.


As we know, the majority of Instagram users are a younger generation (13-28 year-olds). I have been analyzing meme pages, viral pages for a long time, and I have noticed that topics such as depression, anxiety, college, exams, luxury, girls, and similar are very common between teenagers. Make sure you use more of those types of content on your account(-s) so you could increase the engagement rate (because younger generation used to react more to the posts that are relevant to them).


Stop using shitty captions. If you are posting high-quality content, that is just half of your efforts. The other 50% of the success of the engagement rate of the post depends on the caption. Why? Because people read them too, and you can put a call-to-action so it can drastically improve the engagement rate of the account. When conducting various tests, there are two ways you can get more engagement on your post: either posting a call-to-action on the post itself or posting a call-to-action in the caption. Some of the examples could be:
“Tag 2 friends, but one of them is stupid. Don’t say anything, just let them decide.”
“Save this post because I am about to delete it soon”
“DM me the answer to this question”


Another way of increasing the engagement rate and reach is by deleting your account followers who haven’t engaged with your content for a month or so. They are called “ghost followers” of your account. Make sure that you will filter out those ghost followers of your account and remove/block them in the period of one week to one month (depending on the size of the account and percentage of the ghost followers your account has). By removing ghost followers, you will be improving the engagement rate of your account and increasing the reach too for other upcoming posts.


Also, this would be an effective way to improve the account quality, but not so much of improving the engagement rate, just a bit. Usually account sellers, before selling their accounts, they use this technique. Why? Because this way they can trick buyers into thinking that account is in good shape and have great posts with great engagement. Also, it is common to delete low-performing posts from your account so it would look nicer. Also, don’t forget to remove all posts that are promos, giveaways, shoutouts - you don’t want to leave them on your account feed forever - that’s for sure.


Yes! If you want to improve your engagement rate of your account, you should delete low performing sources. By removing them, you are eliminating the potential follow sources that are giving your posts not a great engagement rate. If you use low-performing follow sources - your engagement rate will also be lower. Make sure you always be changing and testing your follow sources, so at any given moment, you should end up having follow sources that give you at least 20% follow back ratio.


This is quite new thing in Instagram as it is trying to push this new feature very hardly. You probably noticed that when some of your friends post an IGTV video, you get a notification on your phone. I hardly suggest you guys to use IGTV feature as often as possible to get a boost on your account.


Also, I would hardly suggest you use stories as often as possible. I use stories often for 3 main things: I end up at followers’ story feed more often; I increase the reach by using the most of the Instagram Story features (such as polls, questions, stickers - yes! you should use them to as Instagram favors you for the usage of them by giving you more exposure); and by announcing about upcoming IGTV video or feed post (yes! This is a great tactic! The main goal is to get as many engagements on your new post as possible so you can get better reach and exposure, and get into explore page more often) - you can post something like: “In 10mins I will be posting a secret post. I will delete it very soon.” - then just blur the content, and whoala!


You should know when your followers are most active, when you are getting most of the traction, where are your followers from, etc… By analyzing such data in few weeks time, you can get into improving posting time and your targetting by implementing some changes - that way you will improve your engagement rate for sure!


I hope you guys are not using car-niche follow source account if your account is about cats… You should be following only targetted people in your niche, and not using those selenagomez followers for example…


Hashtags play an important role in your account success. Most of you might be using dynamic hashtags (spinned ones) on your captions. But the most effective use of using hashtags is by doing this (during my tests):

  • never using 30 hashtags
  • never use the same hashtags on the posts
  • using very different hashtags on every caption
  • using hashtags that convey emotion, action
  • using viral hashtags
  • using a variety of hashtags based on their size
    So, to sum up, I am using hashtags like this:
    Every post has between 4-25 hashtags (never 30!)
    10% viral hashtags + 1 branded hashtag + 2 viral hashtags + 20% 5k-50k hashtags + 30% 50k-500k hashtags + 10% 500k-100M hashtags

Also, you should be using different sets of hashtags based on how fast your account grow and how much engagement your account is getting on the posts.


Stop using captions that have the same spintax template! Your followers are not stupid, they might recognize that and think you are lazy ass :smiley: Instead, come up with long captions! Make sure you don’t use the same words/keywords in the next posts (that way you improve your post quality and account quality at the same time!). At the end of caption, always post interesting CTA’s, not the basic shit such as: follow account __ for more stuff - that’s boring as hell. Instead, use something like this:

  • you better follow this account before your ex finds out
  • doctors told that it is a good vitamine if you follow this account
  • i dare you to save this post in 5secs
    etc… (those just came up to my mind). Be creative guys!


This is how you push your new post to the followers. If you want to get a better chance at landing at the explore page and ranking in hashtags faster, make sure you get a lot of engagement on your post as possible FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS!!! Stop using fake likes, comments to boost your engagement - that might hurt you in the long run. How you can get the engagement fast on new post? Easy:

  • post a story about upcoming post
  • use your own network of accounts to post comments and give likes on your new post
  • start fake discussions in the posts
  • encourage people engaging with your post ASAP by writing a creative CTA on the caption or the post itself
  • if you are posting video - use catching thumbnail
  • if you are posting image - use high-quality post
  • start asking for sending DM’s and saving posts - you should try to get as many of them on the new post


Most of you, using stories already, but rarely you use all features that Instagram gives you. You should use them, so Instagram could favor you by giving you more exposure and reach to a greater percentage of your followers. Try using polls, stickers, tagging hashtags and locations, also use CTAs so you can receive more comments on stories. You should try to use as many story features and using the CTA on every story post!


My tips: always you public profile. By using private profile, you are decreasing the reach and you can’t go to explore page.
You can do this: have a public profile until you grow to 100k for example, and then turn to private profile by using CTA’s on BIO/name, such as: i am hiding something in my feed, i dare you to follow me…
Also, make sure you test different variations of your profile picture and check which one gets the better open rate. Also, try using full names such as: don’t check this profile; your ex follows me, etc… to get better open-rate.
Also, you bullet-points on your BIO so it can look nice!
Use highlights, and nice icons - this way you look more professional!


Sure, you can try using boosting services, such as powerlikes, engagement groups, etc… I am saying experiment because I have different thoughts on using them. Some of the people use them with success, some people destroying engagement rate after stopping boosting services. My preffered way of growing account and increasing engagement rate includes all the tips that I covered on this topic, since I rely more on organic ways to grow an account.



Don’t scrape random images/videos from internet! Don’t do that! Also, if you repost content with good engagement rate - that also doesn’t mean that those are the posts that could go viral, but it’s a good start. The way I am finding viral content:

  • scraping posts from explore page
  • scraping posts from top 9 posts from both location tags and hashtags
  • scraping posts with high comment/like ratio


Thank you for reading this topic :slight_smile: If you have any questions, I would be happy to assist and help :slight_smile:



Be continued…More guides to come


Holy crap, such a comprehensive list. Thank you!

Do you have any experience in reviving a dead account struggling with low engagement?


Another banger right there!! Thank you pow!


Nice post, well summarised.

Can you share more about your perspective on never using 30 hashtags? Have you come to a conclusion on that from any extensive testing?

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Thanks! Nope, haven’t had any experience in dead accounts since I haven’t got them. If I managed to get a dead account, based on how low engagement rate is on that account, I would probably try to recover engagement rate by posting more relevant and more engaging content, using less hashtags, decreasing bot actions, and obviously - removing ghost followers :slight_smile: If none of those could help, I would probably sell this account and start over again :slight_smile:


Thank you! Using 30 hashtags every time on the posts might not be the best idea in terms of account longevity and quality, since it is considered as hashtag over-usage by Instagram. Normal Instagram user tend not to use such amount of hashtags every time, and Instagram is decreasing/increasing the reach based on overall Instagram account owners. :slight_smile:


So if to use 30 hashtags or not is based on how different/relevant they are everytime and how much you post/use this hashtags in overall.

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Super interesting! I saw some people about two years ago (on reddit I think) claiming to have heard from some type of “special sources” that 10-15 and 15-20 were ideal amounts of hashtags.


Excellent stuff here going to try some of this today!! :+1::+1::+1:

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This is great for larger profiles with broad type of content!

You could do something related to smaller accounts trying to reach local customers aswell. I mean, if i’m an artist i must post my work only, and some captions are about it and not something that is already viral or will ever be. I need tips on that…

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i use the same hashtags in every post and my engagement is good

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Happy to hear that it worked out for you! :slight_smile:

any method how to auto remove ghost followers


There is no method for that. Just simply scrape full list of all of your followers, then scrape the engagers from the latest 10-20 posts, combine the list and extract ghost followers in excel as I do, and then simply put that list into Jarvee :slight_smile:


i found an app called Cleaner for IG which claims that can remove ghost followers ,i will try it cause i dont use jarvee


Yup, you can use that app too.

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Now that’s a really big list. Wow! Great share to the community :+1:

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Thank you for your compliment :slight_smile: Actually had much more tips, but tried to put the main ones :slight_smile:

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Very good list for better engagement on IG.

I will be using some of these on my accounts :slight_smile:

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Agreed! Great list! Saving your guide :wink: ty for sharing!

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