How Often do you encounter False Blocks on EB?


Hi, Just a question, how often do you guys encounter temp/false/soft blocks on EB? Usually based on your average customer accounts running. How long does it run smoothly before encountering this problem?

Is it normal that i’m encountering this temp/soft blocks? Every now and then I see EB getting this false action block some have no issues more than a week and some just started and get blocked right after just less than 24H.

Anyone experience smooth experience here without any temp blocks that lasts more than 1 month now?


Right now I’m experiencing soft blocks. EB can’t like or follow, but through my phone I can do everything, even comment. And I’m using mobile proxies


You can actually fix the temp block if you try logging out and log back in but this is not good way to do it in a long run if you often do it bcs it can lead to account compromise.


Hello @kjc09

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