Instagram deleted my account on zero post and zero followers

My Post got reported on Instagram then I saw a pop up saying if I should go against the rules again I would get my account disabled or delete after one week I didn’t post anything, my account just got disabled on 200k ( it was more like a feature page for models)I tried to reactive but no response, the next day my account on 150k also got disabled for no reason, this page has never been reported or anything. I tried to reactive no response. so I was like I should start all over cause Instagram was my only source of income. I created 2 new pages I was lucky to get one account to 50k in two month I paid for shoutouts. .Few days later I didn’t even go against the rules my account got deleted again, I told someone he said it might be my ip was banned, now I created this account it for a week I never posted anything it was on zero followers zero post zero following , but the account still got deleted,I’m so confused I don’t know why all my pages get disabled for no reason. Please does anyone has an idea on how I can fix this? This is really annoying.

What kind of models were they?

I’m sure that they were just hand models. That, or fully clothed lifestyle/stock photo models. Definitely G/PG, though.


Instagram models they were not nude models

Yes They were not nude models, the only thing I knew is I post the once with underwear’s too

I was told it might be my IP address maybe it was banned from Instagram, I’m not really sure and I don’t know how to fix that

This is a very broad term which is often used by everyone new to MP social who has their accounts banned. Most often it is used to describe sub par adult models (read that as porn star) IG’s that they try to use to promote themselves. It matters very little if they were nude or not.

One particular “model” vehemently denied any wrong doing, but after seeing her Twitter account and screenshots of her IG, I can tell you I would have set my computer on fire and thrown it in the trash if I had accidentally seen it.

“I will suck yo dick after you pee in mah mouth” were some of the captions she was posting.

Is that a reason to get banned? I think so.

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Aside from my lack of trust in new members telling the truth, if the accounts were indeed “regular” models and not porn stars you were likely disabled for a few reasons.

Since you haven’t told anyone how you created the accounts of if you just reposted all of the exact same images that were already banned or not, then here are my guesses as to what happened.

You created new accounts from the same IP, using the same email (or one very close to the original) as well as named them all very similar or even exactly the same as the first one.

If the first one got banned, and the second one was banned, then of course it makes sense they would keep banning them since they didn’t like them.

Posting the same content as you did before, if you uploaded the same exact content, IG can easily tell if it’s the same content or not. So yeah, I wouldn’t be shocked that you were banned again and again.

Edit: Haven’t had any coffee or beer yet, you are probably also posting a link to a now banned domain. Anything you add that domain to is going to get the ban hammer.


Slide into my DM’s :kissing_heart:

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This is so accurate, I posted a link once I don’t have idea of th link was banned

Please how do I fix this

Don’t do it again and start new account -


I said they delete any account I create now

Please can you tell me how to appeal for my account to get restored I think that’s the main thing


Keep appealing
Don’t repeat ur mistakes.
Follow the advice from those who contributed above :roll_eyes:
It Might seem simple but follow it lol


My account got disabled by Instagram too for mention covid masks.

Okay, bro.If you have attempted to appeal with no response up till now. That probably means there is barely a chance to get your early account back (likely because you break the rule of community TOR). But I think you may recreate a new account with new IP address, a new web APIs and so by this:

  1. VPN
  2. Prox
  3. fingerprint VPS tool

I find early two options can provide with variable IPs to choose but turns out it’s disappointing. Mostly whenever you find unstable connect through current IP, you switch to a brandnew. But it bring a trouble at the same time. When you refresh your tab and sign in, you are probably detected spoofing to website by frequent IP switching. Most likely you will end up with block off. For saving trouble, I think a fingerprint tool is a way of troubleshooting. I like the way of a tool MarketerBrower works for me. I could manage to login several accounts at the same time sparing a fear of accounts disabled. So far so good. The only thing puzzled me is if new features incorported in free version of MB? Anyone who use this version can answer me?
Anyway, I recommend it. Hope it could be helpful.